Ajax TOCCO Magnethermic Corp

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1745 Overland Ave NE
Warren, OH 44483
Ajax TOCCO Magnethermic Corp

Ajax TOCCO Magnethermic Corporation

Ajax TOCCO Magnethermic®, a subsidiary of Park-Ohio Holdings Corporation®, designs and manufactures world class induction heating and melting equipment for various industries and applications throughout the world. In addition we provide a range of services including laboratory process development, preventative maintenance, equipment repair and parts, coil repair facilities, and installation services.

Ajax TOCCO is your one-source provider specializing in all applications in the commercial heating industry including:

Visit our website: www.Ajaxtocco.com
Ajax TOCCO Magnethermic Corp | 1745 Overland Ave NE Warren, OH 44483 USA | 330x-372x-8511
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