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1440 E 39th Street
Cleveland, OH 44114
ASI International

Metals, Alloys and Fluxes for the Foundry and Steel Industry

Crucible Melting fluxes for Aluminum and Copper Base alloys

Aluminum Fluxes:

AlucoFlux AL, GD, GD2, GD3, GD5, GDC, HM, HM, HS, SFM fluxes for crucible melting

AlucoFlux DS2, GD5, SF, SFM, ILD fluxes for Reverberatory Melting Furnaces

AlucoFlux FW, FW-11 fluxes for Furnace Wall Cleaning

AlucoFlux HM, SF, SFM fluxes for Aluminum Magnesium Alloys

Copper Fluxes:

AlucoFlux YB,GB,FWC,AB, AB-2, PC, DO, SB fluxes for Copper Base Alloys

Magnesium Fluxes:

AlucoFlux MG-1, MG-5, MG-8 fluxs for Melting and Refining Magnesium Alloys

AlucoFlux ZN-2 for Zinc and Lead Alloys

AlucoFlux GFL, GFP Galvanizing Fluxes

Ladle Cleaning Fluxes and Slag Coagulants

ThermTop Exothermic Riser Compounds

ThermSul Top Insulating Riser Compounds

Redux EF40 – Electric Induction Furnace fluxes

Specialty Roll Fluxes

The products shown above have a very significant history in non-ferrous melting. They were developed in the mid 1960’s by the Theim Corporation and gained prominence in the industry. In the early 1980's, Theim was purchased by Borden Chemical (now HA International) in the early 1980’s and was subsequently sold to the Hickman Williams and Company’s Black Products Division in 1993. HW sold the product lines to our joint venture in November 2004 and ASI and Black Lab Products/Fairmount Minerals have continued to manufacture and make improvements to the product line since.

Visit ASI's web site for additional product information, the latest product developments to reduce melting costs, and technical publications on solutions to casting defects and melting problems

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